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Fuda Cancer Hospital, We provide excellent comprehensive cancer care.

Find Treatment for Late stage cancer

Advanced Technology to Treat Cancer

Brachytherapy, “CCC” Treatment Model

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therapies given to cancer patients.

Latest Techonlogy to treat cancer are

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Every client is unique why choose our Center?

About FUDA

We are medical representatives of fuda cancer hospital located in Mumbai, India. We are here to create awareness for cancer treatment using our latest technology and to promote the benefits of using such innovative cancer therapies at fuda cancer Hospital. Fuda cancer hospital is Clinical Cancer Speciality Centre and is well known for its research work in the fields of cancer treatment. More than billions of dollars are spent each year for research work on cancer. We have been awarded by international organisation for our achievement in the field of cancer research and its treatments. Fuda cancer hospital is the best cancer hospital in india as we offer best treatment using our latest advanced therapies and treatment plans.

Advanced technology is being used to treat cancer patient at fuda cancer hospital which are not available at any other hospital in India. Even the late stage cancer patients have been treated successfully using our latest advanced therapies with the help of medical experts. Traditional therapy that are being used to treat cancer patients in India have been found to be very ineffective and also it treatment leaves many side-effects, whereas treatment given at fuda cancer hospital have been found very effective with minimal side-effects. Fuda is well-known for their minimally invasive therapies, innovative treatments and conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery..

Know more about specific cancer, Liver cancer treatment in India, Lung cancer treatment in India, Breast cancer treatment in India, Oral cancer treatment in India

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  • Learn About Cancer

    In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors,
  • Treatment Plans

    At Fuda, we make it a priority to make sure that each patient receives a personalized treatment
  • “CCC” Cancer Treatment

    Fuda has brought together innovative and proven new technologies


Why come to Fuda Cancer Hospital?
FUDA has treated more international cancer patients than any other hospital in China.
FUDA offers a full range of cutting-edge therapies, a selection of therapies that few other hospitals can offer.
How much does treatment cost?
Medical costs are specific to a patient's condition and needs. By contacting us and providing detailed medical information, we can recommend the best course of action, as well as the cost of treatment.
How much time does treatment require?
Most patients are able to complete their treatment in approximately one month. Occasionally, depending on the needs and condition of the patient, treatment requires 5-6 weeks.

meet Doctors of our Team our professional doctors

  • Dr. Xu Kecheng M.D., Founder
    Professor Xu is a world-renowned specialist in gastroenterology, hepatology and cancer treatment. He is Vice-Chairman of International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC). [...]

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  • Dr. Niu Lizhi M.D.
    Dr.Niu Lizhi graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University with a doctoral degree in Thoracic Surgery. [...]

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  • Dr. Mu Feng M.D.
    Vice-President, Thanks to his years of clinical experience, Dr. Mu has perfected his minimally invasive techniques, especially in regards to lung, esophageal, breast, and stomach cancers. [...]

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  • Dr. Li Haibo M.D.
    Dr Li was recruited to Fuda Cancer Hospital in 2008, serving as Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery department, and was promoted to vice president of Fuda Cancer Hospital in December 2011. [...]

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  • Prof. Zeng Zongyuan M.D.
    Professor Zeng Zongyuan graduated from Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University. He was the Vice president of Cancer Hospital and the deputy director of the Cancer Prevention Center of Sun Yat-sen University. [...]

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  • Prof. Li Chaolong M.D.
    Professor Li Chaolong graduated from Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University. He is a renowned specialist in general surgery. [...]

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  • Prof. Cao Bin M.D.
    Dr. Cao is the Chief Physician, Medical Director of our hospital. He graduated from the first Shanghai Medical College (now the Shanghai Fudan University School of Medicine), [...]

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